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Portfolio and Design Skills

The Removing the Masks web site was created in November 2007, and dedicated to Homeopathy for Sinead Humphries (MAHA), a fully registered and experienced Classical Homeopath who runs the Bentleigh East Homeopathic Health Centre in Melbourne, Australia. The content management of the site is powered by the popular Wordpress web publishing system, and the templates were custom-designed to provide Sinead with a site that would provide information about her services, give her the ability to easily modify her content, and to publish a journal.

Since February 2007 Maura has been the webmaster, blogger and editor of the fortnightly electronic newsletter of the Irish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild. Maura inherited the legacy design of the web site, and has been slowly adding features - such as the web blog - and increasing the visability and availablity of information to members about issues that interest them the most: funding decisions, awards, competitions, and industry news. In October 2007 Maura and her husband custom-built a database that allowed members of the Guild to individually log in, read the nominated scripts for the Guild's first screenwriting awards (called the ZeBBies), and vote securely.

The Edgar Wallace Pub web site was launched in early 2005. Based in London, this leasehold pub is situated in a historic building dating back to 1777.

The site is written in PHP and pulls the data from a MySQL database. Information about the bar menu, its selection of real ales and sundry drinks, the pub's history, as well as photos of the premises and its function rooms are updated regularly to keep the locals, and the tourists, informed of the specials and events organised in the pub.

I created this web site for Artist and Sculptor Julie Day in July 2002. Due to the nature of Julie's work, and the sheer size of the powerful images involved, I kept the web site very simple. I focused on letting the pieces speak for themselves, as well as minimising download time by forgoing the usual javascript files. The site utilises CSS and SSI.

Established in July 2001, Wallace Mobile Homes is a web site for a mobile homes reseller in Co. Wexford. The brief was to design a web site that was functional, yet attractive, for a budget. The site is written in PHP, with CSS and SSI as well as javascript rollovers. I continue to maintain this web site for the owner.

I established this official web site for author Robert Holdstock in August 2000, working on imagery from his Fantasy novels - such as Green Men, trees and stones. I completely re-designed the site in 2001, going for a simple design inspired by Pictish carvings, with a touch of the wild forest. It employs CSS throughout, as well as javascript rollovers. I communicate with Robert regularly about the design and receive information and updates from him via email.

I've been maintaining this web site for author Kim Newman since February 1996, and it has gone through several different incarnations. The site underwent a radical overhaul in June 2002, with expanded content, more sections, and graduating the site onto CSS with javascript rollovers and SSI. My central maxim for designing any site is "Content, content, content". Good design should make the information easy to access, and be aesthetically pleasing, but without content a web site is useless. Over the years I've built up a a great deal of information about Kim's work. I liase with Kim about the design, and get email updates from him for the site on a regular basis.

An Fáinne's web site was created in February 1998, and is updated monthly. The site's focus is on communicating information about the meetings of the group, and so the design is relatively simple, utilising CSS throughout. About two years ago it was awarded three shamrocks from Doras.

This is my business web site. In November 2000 I launched a daily web log, Babblogue Blog here, which was extremely popular. The content was a combination of personal commentry on the technology, the film industry, social issues, environmental concerns; all with a humourous slant. As my focus turned towards writing, I closed down Babblogue Blog and focused instead on the Arts, publishing, and the film industry.

Created in 2004, this web site is devoted to my work as a writer.

It contains samples of my reviews, articles and fiction. There is also a journal devoted to my thoughts about the writing process, which utilises the open-source software Bblog. The site is written in PHP, and uses CSS, DHTML, and javascript.

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